Elevate Your Wellbeing and Create Cultures of Wellbeing Where You Live, Work and Play

Learn and apply researched techniques and strategies for boosting 6 fundamental aspects of wellbeing. Implement our steps to start spreading wellbeing contagion©.


What is Wellbeing Contagion©?

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Our Mission: To create cultures of wellbeing where we live, work and play so humanity can thrive!

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Wellbeing contagion© Programs

for: Organisations + TeamS + Leaders + Individuals

Our Wellbeing Contagion© programs are specifically designed to help you break through current patterns of behaviour and habits to get you to your next level of wellbeing. 

At the centre of our programs is a researched-based wellbeing framework developed by two Australian Psychologists*, The Global Leadership Wellbeing Framework (GLWS). It has been adopted by thousands of leaders and great organisations such as Qantas. 

Our programs are full of interactive content so you’re applying as you are learning. They guide you to elevate your wellbeing across all 6 aspects of the GLWS. 

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I Achieved An Immediate Breakthrough!

Using this unique approach, coupled with the researched-based wellbeing framework, I achieved an immediate, much needed breakthrough in my wellbeing. 

I was able to pin point the exact sources that were deflating my wellbeing, causing me sleepless nights and elevated anxiety. 

I solved them immediately and and the benefits flowed into all aspects of my wellbeing. Not only has my focus and productivity improved, I now enjoy other aspects of my life more. 

It is Time to Stop TOLERATING Sub-Optimal Wellbeing

I've worked in dozen of organisations and been part of many different community groups. I constantly come across people who are far from thriving. Some aspects of their wellbeing are going well or are great, but two or three aspects are dragging them down. 

Life is too short not enjoy every day!

Engage Lana Johnson as a guest speaker or find out how she can assist you.

Lana Johnson has worked with hundreds of leaders to build alignment and engagement on strategy, culture and change.

Lana’s previous roles include Strategic Planning Manager for Australia’s largest Co-operative, Senior Human Resources Consultant in Telecommunications, Executive Coach and Facilitator in Defence, and Change Manager in Australian Universities.

Backed by a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and an Applied Science (major in Health Promotion) along with years of company culture and behaviour change work in organisations, Lana provides the perfect blend of knowledge and experience to help organisations and their people thrive.


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* Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey (GLWS) Framework, created by Eek & Sense.