Hands-on, face to face program

9:30am - 3:00pm

Thursday 20th June, 2019


Waterman Business Centre,

66 Victor Crescent,

Narre Warren, Victoria, Australia

Business owners:

  • Are you clear on what success looks like for you?

  • Do your goals motivate and energise you to take action?

  • When you set to work each day, are you clear on your top priorities and the next action that needs to be taken?

Complexity is the enemy of execution.

Lets define a clear path so you can launch into the 2019/20 financial year with absolute clarity and speed.

You will walk away from this hands-on workshop with:

1. Your most important goals defined for the year
2. Clear steps you need to take to achieve your tops goals
3. A new, simple framework for setting and achieving your business priorities
4. The four critical aspects of business goals
5. Proven strategies for maintaining focus and momentum

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Start the next financial year with the end in mind!

In this hands-on, practical workshop, spend quality time focusing on your own business goals.

We will cover:

  1. The three pillars of strategy

  2. A balanced approach to goal setting

  3. Maintaining focus and momentum

See below for more detail on each area . . .

Strategy Framework image.png

Lana M johnson

1. Three Pillars of Strategy

Setting goals is best done in the context of a broader business strategy.

During this workshop learn about the three pillars of strategy, how to approach each one with ease and how to integrate all three:

  • Strategic Review

  • Strategic Planning

  • Strategy Implementation


2. A Balanced Approach to Goal setting

Many organisations place emphasis on one or two aspects of their business.

During the workshop you’ll be guided to consider goals across four key aspects:

  • Financial

  • Market & customer

  • Internal process

  • Organisation & employee capacity

Missing a focus in one area is like driving a car with a wheel missing. if you want to go far and go fast, place emphasis on all four aspects of your business.

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3. maintaining focus and momentum

Staying focused and maintaining momentum can be a real challenge for business owners. Being in business can be isolating. Who will keep you on track?

We will define a review and accountability system that fits with your personality and style of working.

If you still have questions, make a time for a chat with me here.