Is your Wellbeing investment benefiting your most critical Leaders?

Is your Wellbeing investment benefiting your most critical Leaders?


75% of wellbeing programs don’t deliver because they fail to diagnose the factors that have the biggest impact on wellbeing and/or they don’t implement a targeted, meaningful intervention (2016, Global Wellness Institute).


Research shows the most successful workplace wellness programs address an individual’s specific wellbeing drivers that go beyond yoga, gyms and medicals. 


When an organisation strategically places personal and workplace wellbeing front and centre, 

-      Productivity lifts by up to 30%,

-      Engagement increases by over 40%and 

-      Creativity and innovationincrease by 50%


-      Burnout reduces by 125%and 

-      Organisations are 4 x less likely to lose key talent.

(2018, Eek & Sense)


If it’s time to move on from a ‘one size fits all’ approach and implement a researched-based method that results in tangible people and business outcomes by addressing individuals’ specific wellbeing drivers, use GLWS as the cornerstone of your wellbeing solution. 


If the following are key to your business:

-      Retention of key leaders

-      Productivity and 

-      Sustainable performance 

Contact me to access rigorous, evidence-based research to deliver deeper insights into what shapes leaders’ wellbeing, focusing on the whole person by tackling the ‘silent’ derailers affecting performance in today’s fast-paced, ambiguous and complex times.

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Contact Lana to place greater focus on wellbeing within your business strategy to support business performance and employees.

Lana’s previous roles include Strategic Planning Manager for Australia’s largest Co-operative. Backed by a Master of Business Administration (MBA), she has subsequently helped dozens of leaders improve their strategic review, strategic planning and strategy implementation.

Combined with her degree in Applied Science (major in Health Promotion) along with years of company culture and behaviour change work in organisations, Lana provides the perfect blend of knowledge and experience to help organisations and their people thrive.


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