TEDx stories inspire change

TEDx Stories Inspire Change


“Innovative stories and ideas poised to affect real and positive change were shared at Casey’s inaugural TEDx event on Sunday 28 April.

The event was part of the INNovation Summit held on the same day at Bunjil Place.

Organiser Joanne Law said she hoped the event would “move, delight and inspire“ people to make a difference on a local, national and global scale”……

“The Main Stage talks in the evening featured a range of speakers, several of them based in the Casey Cardinia Region.


Narre Warren business consultant Lana Johnson spoke about the wellbeing contagion.

Ms Johnson is a consultant who provides solutions for growing businesses with a focus on strategies, leadership development and culture.

She has worked with over 35 organisations from micro businesses to large multi-nationals across a wide range of industries, from agriculture to manufacturing to professional services. She has addressed front-line blue collar workers, office staff, supervisors, senior leaders and boards.

In her TEDx address, Ms Johnson spoke about the wellbeing contagion being the spread of wellbeing ideas, attitudes or behaviours in a group.

“You don’t need me to tell you that how most of us are living and working is stressing us out. It is taking a toll on our wellbeing and it’s causing many preventable chronic illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. Mental health conditions are on the rise as well.

“Today, more than 2 in 3 people are suffering and dying from preventable lifestyle diseases. And it is an upwards trend. “

Ms Johnson encouraged the audience to see wellbeing as “contagious“.

“What is gorgeous about wellbeing is that a boost in one aspect of your wellbeing can have an immediate and significant flow on affect to others, “she said.

“Just as stress and negative emotions are contagious, positive emotions are also contagious. Enthusiasm and joy are catchy.

“Exercise is socially contagious. For instance, have you ever noticed that when the people you know exercise more, you exercise more?

“The best example of this that I know is called Parkrun. This story began in 2004 when a small group of friends decided to begin a weekly 5 kilometre timed run in Bushy Park in the UK. After two years that weekly event at Bushy Park was attracting over 350 runners. People began inviting other people.

“The infection spread from there, like wild fire around the world. Today, over 3.5 million people around the world are running or walking Parkrun.

“You don’t have to start a global movement to make a difference. Jump on a bandwagon that already exists. Imagine, what would our world be like if we could elevate the wellbeing of humanity, even just a little? “

The full article can be found here.

Engage Lana Johnson as a guest speaker or find out how she can assist you.

Lana Johnson has worked with hundreds of leaders to build alignment and engagement on strategy, culture and change.

Lana’s previous roles include Strategic Planning Manager for Australia’s largest Co-operative, Senior Human Resources Consultant in Telecommunications, Executive Coach and Facilitator in Defence, and Change Manager in Australian Universities.

Backed by a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and an Applied Science (major in Health Promotion) along with years of company culture and behaviour change work in organisations, Lana provides the perfect blend of knowledge and experience to help organisations and their people thrive.


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